Branches of Aerospace Engineering

What are the Branches of Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering is made up of Aeronautics, Astronautics, Avionics and Defence Technologies. You can get a BTech Aerospace Engineering Degree today with specialisation in one of the topics below.

  • Aeronautics deals with aircraft, helicopters, airships, commercial jets, aviation technologies, UAVs and basically all commercial and military flight vehicles in atmospheric flight. This can also have sub-branches such as Aerodynamics, Compressible Flow, CFD, Rotary Flight, UAV etc.
  • Astronautics deals with spacecraft such as rockets, satellites, shuttles, probes, re-entry vehicles and so forth. Hence, students can subspecialize in rocket propulsion, satellite communications, hypersonic commercial spaceflight, orbital mechanics, and space science which encompasses our solar system and space weather in general.
  • Avionics deals with the electronics systems of both aircraft and spacecraft. Avionics engineers are also in high demand from both the aviation sector as well as from the commercial spaceflight sector.
  • Defense Technologies deals with hypersonic missiles, subsonic missiles, ballistic missiles, missile defense systems, air defense systems, guided laser systems, military satellites, air and space warfare systems, military UAVs and Weaponized Drones.

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