Department actively participates in cutting edge research in national and international platforms and actively encourages students to support and participate in these research projects. Some major research projects include nuclear space propulsion, space tourism, remote sensing for disaster mitigation and CFD Analysis of Aeronautics Structures.

Nuclear Space Propulsion Research

Under the Supervision of Dr. Ugur Guven, advanced research into nuclear space propulsion techniques are being conducted. Dr Ugur Guven specialises in perfecting the Gaseous Core Rocket Engine for deep space missions.

CFD Research in Aeronautics

The Department is also involved in using Computational Fluid Dynamics to analyse Aeronautical structures to see how they can be imporved under various flow conditions. Students can also take part in this particular research.

Cubesat Research for Earthquake Detection

Department is currently involved in research for designing a Cubesat that will be deployed with a LEO orbit designed to provide maximumj coverage on India, Indian Ocean and East Asia for the purpose of monitoring seismic activity and the corresponding electromagnetic activity in the upper atmosphere.