Scope for Higher Studies for Aerospace Engineers

Study Aerospace Engineering AbroadThere are various good universities that provide graduate engineering programs in Europe, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and interested students are groomed and guided for their higher studies abroad or in India. Several workshops are given to prepare them for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and any other requisites that they may have to prepare with one-on-one mentorship. Students who finish these international Master’s program can typically work especially in Europe or can make an academic career and work & live anyhwere in the world. Some good universities for Master’s level education in India include IISC Bangalore, IIT Bombay, and IIT Kanpur while some international universities with renowned graduate Aerospace Engineering programs include Purdue University (USA), Caltech (USA), Texas A&M (USA), Florida State University (USA), International Space University (France), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Polytech Milano (Italy), Coventry University (UK), NTU (Singapore) among many others.

Employment Opportunities Abroad for Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace Company LogosAn Aerospace Engineer abroad can work as an aeronautical design engineer, flight engineer, aeronautical maintenance engineer, Aeronautical operations specialist, satellite design engineer, avionics engineer, flight systems design, rocket engineer, space systems engineer, space mission planner. In addition, many aerospace engineers work in the defense sector for defense companies and defense technologies such as missile systems, armed UAV, radar systems, intercept system. Many European companies are looking for well-educated Indian Aerospace Engineers and there are also many post-undergraduate internships available for 3-6 months in Europe for Aerospace Engineers.

Employment Opportunities in India for Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace Company LogosIndia is one of the most prominent countries in aviation and astronautics. In the aviation sector, it is the third largest country after USA and China in terms of aviation flight traffic and its growing every day. In addition, India has its own indigenous aircraft and defense systems. On the space side, India is again the 3rd country in the world in terms of overall and deep space mission capability. India is at the forefront of space exploration and many startup companies are also coming up in India such as Skyroot and Bellatrix. Many Indian service companies such as TCS provide aerospace services to companies in Europe and USA. Hence, this is a great time to be an Indian in the global and national aerospace sector.