Masters Degree in AerospaceThis MTech in Aerospace Engineering 2 year program focuses mainly on those students who wish to get their postgraduate degree by doing courses plus pure research. Aerospace Department also offers 1 year mobility abroad in the second year where the students can study for the whole year (3rd and 4th sem) in our international partners or can choose to go for a 6 month internship in the prestigious research labs of France, Italy, UK, USA, Korea and many others.

MTech Aerospace Specialisations

In the first year, the student has to take the mandatory courses that is common to all and take elective courses for specialization in Aerospace Engineering. The elective courses are offered at postgraduate level and included Aeronautics, Space Technology or Avionics.

Master’s Thesis and Research Requirements 

The remaining course is conducted in a research format where the student will conduct pure research in his/her second year for their Master Thesis. As stated above, The Aerospace Department also offers all Master’s students to study one year abroad in their area of specialization or to be able to have a 6-month research internship abroad as per their choice. 

Pathway to Pilot Program for Mtech

There is also a Pathway to Pilot Program for MTech Aerospace Students so that they can study their first year at our University and go for a flying school in USA in their second year. They will also get their Commercial Pilot License which allows them to fly as commercial pilots across the world. This is a good way to get both your MTech Aerospace Engineering degree as well as your Commercial Pilot License at the end of 2 years. There are special loans available for students as this offer comes with a Job guarantee as a pilot at the end of your program along with an availability to stay in USA for 2 more years after receiving your Pilot’s License.