Aerospace Student ActivitiesThe GD Goenka Aerospace Engineering Department provides students with many activities including Extracurricular activities, international competitions, national competitions, student research projects, student internships in India and abroad as well as international webinars and workshops. Students are also encouraged to participate in national and international conferences and activities as well as in student exchange opportunities through our international partners.


Extracurricular Activities

Aerospace Engineering students are channeled toward various clubs and extracurricular activities such as the space club, night astronomy sessions, student competitions, webinars with famous Aerospace professionals, special training workshops such as building and deploying an airship, building model planes, building sounding rockets and celebrating Space Week in first week of October every year with various activities.

The Department has 2 student clubs:

– Club BlackHole

– Club AeroIndia

International Competitions

Students are also encouraged to take part in national and international competitions such as the CANSAT competition, which is organized in part by NASA JPL, ESRA Sounding Rocket Competition, Airbus Design Competition, Phoenix Launchpad, and many others across the world.

Scope for National and International Activities

Students of the Aerospace Department are encouraged to showcase their work, projects, research and talent at various national and international conferences across the world such as the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and COSPAR. Moreover, students are encouraged to take various credit and non-credit workshops, seminars and similar activities in India and abroad to promote a more holistic education.

Scope for Internationality

Students are encouraged to take part in semester exchange mobility across the world including funded programs like Erasmus Plus, which pays the part of the travel and accommodation expenses of the student to Europe. In addition, internship opportunities are also provided abroad in other universities and companies.  There are also several international post-graduate internships available as well for competitive students including the European Cubesat Initiative, Prometheus Space, UNOOSA among many others. Furthermore, several students across the world will travel to our department to take some classes and internships at GD Goenka University, Aerospace Dept to create a culturally inclusive and colloquial environment.