Pilot Training for EngineersIn this degree program, the student will study at our Aerospace Engineering Department to get his/her Aerospace Engineering Degree, but at the 4th year, the student will be sent to Florida, USA to a Flying Training School to train to become a pilot. At the end of the training, and after qualifying, the students will get their Commercial Pilot License as well as their Instructor License and will get 1500 hours of flight training. This is a perfect program for those students who want to become engineers as well as Pilots.

Commercial Pilot License

In the 4th year, the student will accumulate 1500 hours of flying to get the CPL (Commercial Pilot License) in the flying school in the USA. At the end of this once the student gets the CPL then he or she also graduates both as an Aerospace Engineer and as a Pilot. The courses that the student takes in the flying school are counted toward their credits for earning an Aerospace Engineering Degree.

Airport Transport Pilot License

In addition, the student can extend for another 6 months more to do a 6 months flying internship and the student will be paid for the internship as per the number of hours the student flies.  Then at the end of the six months, the student will receive Airport Transport Pilot License. At this point, the student may work for an airline and he or she will have a valid FAA Pilot License which is the most prestigious in the world.

Employment As a Pilot

The student also will get placement assistance and the student can start working for prestigious airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines and many others while he or she can also apply to become a charter pilot (Bahamas region) or even a cargo pilot along with any other opportunities. This assistance is given to the student and if the student eishes to fly in the USA, he or she gets 24 months of OPT which allows the student to stay back and work in USA as a pilot for 2 years. In case of full time job offer then the student can be eligible for an employment visa and eventually a green card as well.

Pilot License for India

The student can also return to India and convert his or her license to Indian Pilot License through DGCA process.

Cost of the Program Pathway to Pilot

The cost of the Pilot Program is roughly 89,000 USD, but special tie ups are available for bank loan since the flying school gives a job guarantee of the student succeeds his or her flying courses.  Also some special scholarships may be available for meritorious students.


There is a mandatory internship after their 3rd year and students are counselled and channeled toward various internship programs in India as well as abroad. We have tied up with many organisations to provide students with 2 internships. International Aerospace Internships may include research labs, universities as well as startups and aerospace companies abroad.


It is mandatory for BTech Aerospace Engineering program students to go for a semester exchange program abroad either in their 7th or 8th semester. However, in lieu of that the students will go in their complete 4th year to USA to get their Commercial Pilot License.


The course is taught with several industry partners to help prepare the students toward the industry so that they are employable from their first day at work. Industrial visits, courses and workshops by industry experts are conducted to help prepare the students for their future careers. Some of the industrial organisations that we are in connect with include Dassault Systemes, Indigo Airlines, Expanse Cosmos Ltd, along with many others including various government agencies for experiential learning. Several industrial workshops are also provided by our international partners.


The students in the Aerospace Engineering program are also expected to take place in extracurricular activities and enroll in one of the clubs supervised by the department. Moreover, Aerospace students are strongly encouraged to participate in national and international aerospace competitions.

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