employment opportunities in aerospace engineering

Job Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers

An Aerospace Engineer can work as an aeronautical design engineer, flight engineer, aeronautical maintenance engineer, Aeronautical operations specialist, satellite design engineer, avionics engineer, flight systems design, rocket engineer, space systems engineer, space mission planner. In addition, many aerospace engineers work in the defense sector for defense companies and defense technologies such as missile systems, armed UAV, radar systems, intercept systems etc. Furthermore, an aerospace engineer can work in many engineering firms as an analyst and designer too since an Aerospace Engineer has background of several engineering disciplines. Some Aerospace Engineers go to abroad to do their Master’s degree and to work abroad in various sectors and some open their own firms and provide engineering and design consultancy.

India is one of the most prominent countries in aviation and astronautics. In the aviation sector, it is the third largest country after USA and China in terms of aviation flight traffic and its growing every day. In fact, with the upcoming changes with Delhi intrnational airport and with growth of airlines such as Air India and Indigo, India is on the verge of becoming an international hub for global aviation similar to Dubai and Istanbul and London.  In addition, India has its own indigenous aircraft and defense systems. On the space side, India is again the 3rd country in the world in terms of overall and deep space mission capability. Moreover,  India holds the record for sending the greatest number of satellites to space in a single launch. It was the Chandrayaan Mission in 2009 which found water on the moon and made moon colonization feasible with this discover. Furthermore, the Mars Orbiter Mission by ISRO proved that going to Mars is actually more feasible and cheaper than the movie “Gravity”. In addition, with the upcoming Solar Mission and Venus Mission, India is at the forefront of space exploration and many startup companies are also coming up in India such as Skyroot and Bellatrix. Hence, this is a great time to be an Indian in the global and national aerospace sector.

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