Department of Aerospace EngineeringGD Goenka Aerospace Department has been formed due to increasing demand for Aerospace professionals across the world and across India. Especially with the potential of India to become one of the Aerospace Hubs in the world with its competence in space exploration through ISRO and also being one of the biggest aviation markets in the world, Aerospace Engineering Professionals are in more demand then ever. GD Goenka as an education hub with its 150+ schools and GD Goenka University offers B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Degree with specialisation in Aeronautics, Astronautics, Avionics and Defence Technologies. You can also learn how to design airplanes, helicopters, satellites, rockets, radars, communication systems or defense systems after studying Aerospace Engineering in India at GD Goenka Aerospace Engineering Department.

Hence, if you wish to study Aerospace Engineering in India, then GD Goenka Aerospace Engineering program is one of the best with its national and international industrial partners, internship and study abroad opportunities, immersion programs to space organisations, airports and space launch facilities along with its advanced cutting edge research opportunities. Our department is the only Aerospace Department in India that sends you to mandatory student exchange or Aerospace internship abroad and mentors you with international faculty and international aerospace industry professionals. Please click Programs to see our BTech, Masters and PhD Programs in Aerospace Engineering. In addition we have a Pathway to Pilot Program where you can earn your Aerospace Engineering Degree in India and Commercial Pilot License in USA.