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To Study Aerospace Engineering in India, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Aerospace Engineering a Good Branch to Study in India?

Aerospace Engineering is the premium of all engineering programs since an Aerospace Engineer can technically do the job of a Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer and even a Computer Engineer. An Aerospace Engineer is considered as the premium engineer with high skills in various multidisciplinary fields.

Can I Join ISRO after studying Aerospace Engineering?

All candidates who successfully complete the Aerospace Engineering Program and get their BTech Aerospace Engineering Degree can enter the qualifying exam for ISRO and after passing they can work in ISRO as an engineer.

Is Aerospace Engineering Highly Paid Job in India?

Aerospace Engineering is one of the highly paid jobs in India and graduates can get around 8 Lakhs per annum to more which will go up in direct relation to their education, experience and their past activities while studying (such as attending conferences, competitions etc.)

Are IITs the Only Option to Study Aerospace Engineering in India?

Naturally, IITs are the premium institutes in India that are known for world renown excellence.  However, there are many excellent universities in India that offer premier Aerospace Engineering programs. You should consider all of your options and look at their faculty profile, their mentorship capabilities, their guidance and their international exchange programs. We offer all of these in our Aerospace Engineering Department.

Do You Need Student Exchange Abroad to Become a Good Aerospace Engineer?

In order to become a globally competitive Aerospace Engineer, you should spend at least one semester abroad to get that global thinking and to expand your horizons. In our Aerospace Engineering Program, we make sure that each student either goes for semester exchange abroad to one of our partners or goes for an internship abroad.

How do I Find a Job As an Aerospace Engineer after Graduation?

After your graduation, we will provide assistance through our Career Office to apply for Aerospace Engineering jobs here in India as well as abroad. We also provide free career training before your graduation to make you more employable throughout the world.

What are my Higher Study Prospects after Aerospace Engineering?

It is recommended that you go for higher studies for Master’s degree or Doctorate as Aerospace Engineers with higher degrees are well sought after in the global market. We also assist you in your applications to higher studies in India and abroad.

Can I work at NASA after studying Aerospace Engineering in India?

There are many Indian engineers and scientists working in NASA very successfully.  If you do participate in all international activities and choose a higher study path, you can also become an Aerospace Engineer in NASA.

What are the Opportunities for Aerospace Engineering Placements?

You can take a look at our Placement page about placement opportunities for Aerospace Engineers in India and about placement opportunities for Aerospace Engineers abroad.

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