Why is Aerospace Engineering Better Than Mechanical or Computer Engineering in India?

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Aerospace Engineering in India As a Premium Engineering Branch While all engineering branches are important to science and technology, Aerospace Engineering is a more premium style of engineering as it encompasses all forms of engineering and much more. Especially in India Aerospace Engineering is a very premium branch with so many possibilities for placement and for advancement. Why to Study… Read More

What is the Best Way to Study Aerospace Engineering?

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Study Aerospace Engineering requires a combination of dedication, passion, and strategic planning. Here’s a roadmap to help you prepare: 1. Build a Strong Foundation: In order to study Aerospace Engineering first you must focus on excelling in high school mathematics and physics. Understanding calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and mechanics will give you a solid foundation for your aerospace engineering studies. 2.… Read More

India’s Aerospace Engineering Opportunities Beyond ISRO and HAL

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India’s Aerospace Engineering Opportunities Beyond ISRO and HAL India is one of the most important countries when it comes to the aerospace sector and aerospace engineering opportunities. Especially with its growing aviation sector along with the increasing number of passengers flying every year, India has become one of the biggest aviation centers in Asia, and as such, many international aerospace… Read More

FAQ – Studying Aerospace Engineering in India

FAQ Study Aerospace Engineering in India
To Study Aerospace Engineering in India, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. Is Aerospace Engineering a Good Branch to Study in India? Aerospace Engineering is the premium of all engineering programs since an Aerospace Engineer can technically do the job of a Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer and even a Computer Engineer. An Aerospace Engineer is considered as the premium engineer… Read More

Why Should You Choose GD Goenka University for Studying Aerospace Engineering

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GD Goenka University: Elevating Dreams in Aerospace Engineering Choosing the right university to pursue higher education is a crucial decision that can significantly shape one’s future.Thats the reason you should ask as to why should you choose GD Goenka University for Studying Aerospace Engineering .For aspiring aerospace engineers, GD Goenka University stands out as an exceptional choice that offers a… Read More

What are the Employment Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers?

employment opportunities in aerospace engineering
Job Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers An Aerospace Engineer can work as an aeronautical design engineer, flight engineer, aeronautical maintenance engineer, Aeronautical operations specialist, satellite design engineer, avionics engineer, flight systems design, rocket engineer, space systems engineer, space mission planner. In addition, many aerospace engineers work in the defense sector for defense companies and defense technologies such as missile systems, armed… Read More

What are the Main Specialisations of Aerospace Engineering?

Branches of Aerospace Engineering
What are the Branches of Aerospace Engineering? Aerospace Engineering is made up of Aeronautics, Astronautics, Avionics and Defence Technologies. You can get a BTech Aerospace Engineering Degree today with specialisation in one of the topics below. Aeronautics deals with aircraft, helicopters, airships, commercial jets, aviation technologies, UAVs and basically all commercial and military flight vehicles in atmospheric flight. This can… Read More

Aerospace Department Industrial Collaborations

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GD Goenka Aerospace Department is in talks with several Aerospace and Aviation Companies such as CAE and Indigo among many others for aerospace industrial collaborations to establish a department program with full industry collaboration. We are also in talks with Dassault, France. As part of these efforts, some labs will be held in state of the art industry facilities and… Read More

Dr Ugur Guven has Joined as HOD of Aerospace Department

Dr Ugur Guven, HOD of Aerospace Department
Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D.), and a Nuclear Engineer (MSc), and his area of specialization is Nuclear Rocket Propulsion and Interstellar Travel. During his 28 years of career, he has published over 25 books, over 100 journal papers, and 250+ conference papers. Dr. Guven served as the Advisory Council Member of the UN Center for Science and Technology Education in the Asia… Read More