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GD Goenka Aerospace Department is in talks with several Aerospace and Aviation Companies such as CAE and Indigo among many others for aerospace industrial collaborations to establish a department program with full industry collaboration. We are also in talks with Dassault, France. As part of these efforts, some labs will be held in state of the art industry facilities and some courses may be co-delivered in conjunction with the Aerospace Industry company or organisation. This is important as we are keen on making sure that GD Goenka Aerospace Engineering students will have exposure to industry to get them industry ready on the day they graduate from the program. Through these collaborations, the students learn working skills, the know-how required for the Aerospace industry so that they are employable in the Aerospace Industry both in India and abroad. If you want to find out more please take a look at to apply and to get one one one interview with our department to answer your queries.

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