Ena Goel Aerospace EngineerHaving been an exceptional student of Aerospace Engineering in her time, Ms. Ena Goel continues to propagate her passion by teaching, mentoring and guiding students to get closer to their dreams. She comes with a deep rooted passion for Astronautics, that goes back to her childhood days. She has represented India at international competitions organised by NASA in the US, and her research work on Interstellar Space Missions in Australia has been recognised by the International Astronautical Congress. Her experience in both corporate and research areas in her field have equipped her with the right tools and techniques to inspire the amateur aerospace engineers of the nation. As a faculty at GD Goenka’s Aerospace Engineering Department, she thrives to use the correct blend of conceptual lectures and vocational activities that resonate with students in a manner that gets them closer to their goals. She believes in a holistic approach to education, where she emphasizes the importance of conceptual clarity and thrives to motivate students to adopt an attitude of enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and integrity to realise their dreams in the Aerospace industry.